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I am developing a turn-based game and would like some help with photon 2, I never even used photon 1. so I'm pretty lost. If anyone knows any course or tutorial will be of great help.

Ps: Sorry English, it's from Google Translate.


  • Hi @Mauriicio,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What you are referring to as "Photon 2" is actually "PUN 2" or "Photon Unity Networking 2".
    It's the second major version of "PUN".
    What you are referring to as "Photon 1" is actually "PUN Classic" or "PUN 1".

    Naming is important as it can be confusing and could get messy.

    The turn-based tutorials we have are for:

    - "Rock Paper Scissors" from PUN Classic
    - "Memory Game Demo" from Photon Realtime Unity SDK

    PUN 1 and PUN 2 offer PunTurnManager (and related TurnBased extensions) that were originally made for and used by "Rock Paper Scissors" demo.

    Same concepts can be applied to Photon Realtime, PUN 1 and PUN 2.
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    Naming is important as it can be confusing and could get messy.

    Also you will get much better search results if you use the proper names as search terms.

    Photon 2 is actually the name of Photon server 2. The up to date version of Photon that currently runs on Photon Cloud is Photon 4

    Photon 2 was replaced by Photon 3 in 2011, 8 years ago.

    PUN 2 and up to date versions of PUN Classic are written with Photon 4 servers in mind.

    Accordingly if you search for "Photon 2" tutorials you might find a lot of very outdated information about self hosted Photon servers that is not relevant at all for PUN 2.