and unity web player

I recently joined a team that is creating a Unity webplayer based game. It has a very nice, robust backend that has taken 2 years to complete (not working full time on it, of course) and they are ready to get the game actually created. Which is my task.

It is written in ASP.NET using C#. They have used the facade framework and have some silverlight and ajax stuff going on.

Basically I need to know how to pass the same session information from when they log on to the site with their username and password to the game client so there isn't a need for a second logon. I also need to regularly check database information, as the game is heavily dependent on information in the database.

How can I do this using ASP.NET ? I know of the javascript functions that will pass information to the web player and how to send information back out to the page but how can I access stuff stored in the facade namespace? Can I?

I have a lot of web development experience, just not in microsoft technologies. Ive mainlyworked with LAMP and WAMP so the asp stuff is new to me. Can someone point me in the right direction to where I can find information to be able to access the facade namespace's objects/methods ?

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  • dreamora
    Thats a thing you do from the javascript code in the website, which can use GetUnity().UnitySendMessage to send strings into the webplayer to named game objects and on that correspondingly named functions on it