Editor and Webplayer crash upon calling Disconnect?

Upon upgrading to 1.9 our game now crashes when disconnecting from a room. I have tried reverting back to 1.8 but I'm not sure if the downgrade went smooth. Everything works great except for the crash.


  • Can't reproduce the issue.
    Which Unity are you using? When do you call PhotonNetwork.Disconnect() (in which situation/state)?
  • I'm using 3.5.0f5. I'm calling disconnect while in the room with a GUI button. Nothing fancy, just PhotonNetwork.Disconnect().
  • It seems as though changing the warning that comes when installing 1.9 ->
    Assets/Photon Unity Networking/Editor/PhotonNetwork/PhotonViewInspector.cs(85,49): warning CS0618: `UnityEditor.EditorUtility.GetPrefabParent(UnityEngine.Object)' is obsolete: `Use PrefabUtility.GetPrefabParent'
    making the change from "EditorUtility" to "PrefabUtility" is when these crashes started happening. Perhaps I was doing it wrong but all is well now :)
  • Just to be sure I understood right:
    You fixed the code according to the warning and when you used PrefabUtility.GetPrefabParent instead of UnityEditor.EditorUtility.GetPrefabParent, Unity started to crash?

    Then you should probably file a bug with Unity, so they know.
    Sooner or later everyone might fall into this trap.