PhotonNetworkTransformClassic - How to handle respawn of players when they "Jump"

In my game so far, I am simply using PhotonNetworkTransformClassic's built in observable code and so far that has worked for me. My game is a space game so the ships do not suddenly change position. Because if this, I am using:

Interpolation: Estimate Speed
Extrapolation Option: Estimate Speed and Turn
Teleport Is Enabled and Distance is 100.

Everything is smooth, as these are good options for vehicle type games (ie...object's that don't suddenly change position) However, when the player dies, that player sets its transform back to the spawn point. Usually, this triggers my Teleport setting and all is well. However, if the player dies within 100 units (< the teleport distance) of the spawn point,other players see him "slide" into the position. Whats worse, that the position is often incorrect...the player is not "On" the spawn point but off to the side.

I would like to fix the slide and also the fact that the position is off. Can each client manually set the position of the object that respawned? I've always let Photon handle the position entirely, and dont know what happens if I try to manually set position at certain time. Has anyone seen this behavior and what is your strategy for fixing it?

Also, I read this in the docs:
Extrapolation tries to estimate where the synchronized character actually should be "now", based on previously received data. It might help avoid stuttering when updates are late or lost but is always just a guess. It might need corrections and if it works well, depends on the type of game you develop.

When the docs say "it might need corrections", is that suggesting that at know points I can/should be "fixing" the position by manually setting the transform?

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