"Connection failure : ExceptionOnConnection " is photon server is down ?

is photon server by any chance is down? for some reason since yesterday, I cannot connect to the photon server

I debugged the disconnect cause and it gives me a ExceptionOnConnection and according to the documents this means that either the server could be down or not running or the client has no network or a misconfigured DNS I contacted photon support and the assured me that nothing wrong from their side I tried almost everything I created a new project imported pun classic and created a new app id with a new account and tested the demo which comes with the photon package and it gives me the same error I tried to run some old multiplayer projects which use photon and used to work but no luck same doesn't connect I even tried to run a test connection on android to make sure that it has nothing to do with windows I tried to setup the port manually and although I usually let photon choose the best region I tried fixed regions (us,eu,au) and I changed the protocol to tcp but nothing works

has anyone encountered this error before ? or got a solution.

P.S. I am using unity


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