Gravity Combat - Arena Multiplayer

S_Oliver ✭✭✭

And id like to show you our Project. Its called Gravity Combat.

I used Photon for this so i though of sharing with you what we made :D

I also gonna open source the Project after Release Day.
It is a student Project it wont be super Polished but we trying our best.

"Gravity Combat" is a 2.5D online arena multiplayer shooter in which 2-6 players try to fight each other in zero gravity. The only way to be grounded is the use of the Magnetic Boots. Dodge, shoot and use the boots to outmaneuver your enemies.

Here our Weapons in Action :

A little Trailer we made for a while, the Game changed alot since that day.

You can download the prototype on
And yes its a Multiplayer so grab a friend and have some fun :D