Unity issue when upgrading from 1.8 to 1.9: caveat

I strongly suggest to make a copy of your PUN 1.8 client folder first. There is a nasty Unity bug where the editor will crash and your project won't be openable. This seems to happen when I update .dlls to a new version in my project folder when Unity is not running. I have reported to unity as:
(Case 442495) Editor crashes when assembly dll asset is updated to new ver.
If your project gets corrupted in this manner, swapping back in the previous version of the plugin and .dll will be the only way to get Unity to launch (that I am aware of).


  • Err. Really?
    When you update dlls while Unity is not running it is crashing (on start)?

    So a import from the asset store works?
    Is this a Unity 3.4.x problem or a Unity 3.5 one?

    Thx for the heads up.
  • I've been running into it from before 3.5. Updating PUN from the Asset Store *should* work fine; I didn't actually try that this time.

    I got in the habit of updating packages from the Asset Store into their own project, then quitting Unity and copying the Assets subfolder folder over to my target project. When launching Unity, then it crashes when it sees a new version of .dll. Don't do that, in other words! :(

    Some unity assets, especially ones that use a lot of Editor gui and custom inspectors, dont do well updating straight from the Asset Store, and need to be updated instead by copying a folder over. e.g. NGUI.