Ghost player when joining a room


When joining a room (unity project using the PUN libs locally or with a personal server) i always have the player instanciated twice :
- The "Good" player that acts normally
- A "ghost" player that seems to haven't been totally initialised (it stays at the origin - Vector3(0,0,0) - position).

I firstly thought it came from my implementation but looking to the testGame found in the PUN distribution (across the unity assetstore) AND AngryBot multi (found in the same place) i have the same problem (Althougth i have to Disconnect/reconnect from the game room to make the Ghost appear inside the testGame).

How can i workaround this (or will there be a correction of the PUN client soon) ?


  • Please verify you disconnect each player when you test. Otherwise the player is staying "connected" for a while, until the connection times out.
    This might be your ghost.
    Let us know if this solved the riddle.