resending command! CT_PING

I have a lot of resending command in LogCat like this:
02-25 15:10:55.937: D/PhotonService(28278): resending command! CT_PING(seq=660, channel=-1) Now=360607 Rtt/RttV=29/4  command.roundTriptimeOut = 41  lastRoundTripTime=36
This happens for both realtime_demo and for my own prj, on local server and on What does this resending command mean? Also i have DisconnectedByServer responce for real_time demo and local server "Lite" application, could it be connected with previous issue?

Client: Android v3-0-0-0-Beta

Thanks for reply.


  • I found that this happens, because server ignored my custom operation and client still waiting for reply from server. I build application based on LiteLobby chat example. Server and desktop .net client works perfect, but i can't connect to server from android java client. I found that this happend, because java client uses non standart types. Compare next one signatures from java client sdk peer class:
    public boolean opJoin(String gameName,
                          HashMap<Object,Object> gameProperties,
                          HashMap<Object,Object> actorProperties,
                          boolean broadcastActorProperties)
    public boolean opCustom(byte customOpCode,
                            TypedHashMap<Byte,Object> customOpParameters,
                            boolean sendReliable)
    So on server side my custom LiteLobbyPeer can't handle base.OnOperationRequest(operationRequest, sendParameters) because expects HasTable, and TypedHashMap doesn't converted to HashTable. How it suppose to deal with it? Why is it different types in java sdk for parameters?
  • Sorry guys, my fault. I put one of customOpParameters as a TypedHashMap and nobody force me to do that. It is possible to put HasMap as one ofCustomOpParameters. TypedHashMap<Byte,Object> customOpParameters converts on server correctly.