Licensing & horizontal scaling


I'm currently evaluating Photon server and I'd like to confirm that I understood correctly how the licenses system works. From what I understand from the docs and the discussions I could find here, the self-hosted server solution requires one license per server.

This would mean that if at some point more game servers are required for a game, I would need to buy a new license before being able to launch a game server on a new server. So it would be impossible to horizontally scale game servers dynamically. Is that correct?


  • MarkusMarkus admin

    when subscribing to a Photon Server plan (e.g. unlimited ccu), you get one license file. This license file can be used on multiple servers, as long as you have a matching subscription plan (license "seats") for it.
    If you automatically increase your number of running Photon machines, you need to make sure to upgrade your subscription in the same way - this upgrade only works manually via our dashboard currently.

    Note: license fees are calculated on a daily basis
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