The Most Suitable Service For Realtime Multiplayer

Hi Guys,
I want to know which one is fit for my game if there are many rooms that can filled up to 100 players each. Different game mode will be different players limit.
I still confused if PUN is suitable for this kind of game. Is master client connection affects other players?

Thank you


  • Hi @Bocent,
    obviously, it depends on the specifics of your game. For example, a turn-based strategy with 100 players would be one case, while a shooter with 100 players would be something completely different.
  • @develax Thanks for the reply.
    It is a 3rd person shooter and there will be something spawn in the middle of game, such as weapons or enemies. So, do I need my own server using photon server with my server logic?
  • develax
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    @Bocent, let's think this way:
    How many games of this genre do you know with so many players in the same space? I don't know any. Although I'm not a gamer I could hardly believe that they exist. And I guess the reason for this is that decent synchronization of so many players in one room is a very challenging task even for an experienced multiplayer game developer, if not impossible. I could be wrong, but since you're asking about this it seems that you are not very experienced in this field and yet you're going to start with such a challenging task... doesn't sound reasonable. Why not start with something simpler first, make it great and then decide to make something more difficult?

    Sorry that I couldn't answer your question directly since I'm not experienced in it. Anyway, I hope my thoughts could be helpful and reasonable.
  • Bocent
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    I will try to use headless Photon Bolt as Master Client for every room, and need to cut down max player in the room.