How to host headless server process/exe

I have built a game on BOLT following the same principles as the advanced tutorial. Its an authoritative shooter. I have adapted the game to run a headless server mode, following photon documentation(headless server). That document instruct me to run a command with some special parameters which starts a process which acts as the server e.g Game.exe -batchmode -nographics -logFile -map Level001. This is all good and well but if i wanted to run many of these instances(essentially creating many game rooms) on dedicated cloud hosting (Azure, AWS, etc) how would this be implemented?

What i have looked at is the Photon server sdk, however it is not clear to me if i have to run Photon server locally as is, and then deploy the process to this local photon server, or do i have to rewrite the server logic to fit in with Photon server, another way of looking at it is, how would you deploy the code written for the advance tutorial into the cloud?

Any help would be appriciated.

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