.NET 4.0 server. When?

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When will be server for .NET 4.0?


  • Tobias
    We still have a major roadblock to solve but the next version will have DotNet 4 support.
    Before anyone asks: Photon will continue to run on DotNet 3.5 as well but the DotNet 4 runtime increases the performance.

    We have no arrival time at the moment. It should be soon.
  • dreamora
    glad to hear it will continue to support .net 3.5 at least till the day when MS fixes the .net 4 installer to not brick the older ones and follow their specs for how .net is meant to work (independent between assembly versions ;))
  • So far I have seen no issues forcing the runtime to 4.0. I used the following PhotonSocketServer.exe.config file as I was unsure around the potential COM call (ie. force it to use the 2.0 COM policy).

    <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true">
    <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" />

    I'm compiling my application dll in .Net 4.0 and debugging with Visual Studio 2010 without any issues, at any rate its an option until official support is offered.
  • Adding PhotonSocketServer.exe.config file as described above allow to use Applications from Net 4.0 assemblies (without it server throw exception when try to load assembly). Good solution for me. Thanks.