OnJoinRandomFailed: No match found, returnCode = 32760

When it happens no matter how long I wait after the server room's created I always get OnJoinRandomFailed().

Is there a log or something in the dashboard to get an idea of what is going on?


  • It's been 2 hours since the problem persists and I can't continue developing the project. When I try to join a lobby to get a room list I get it empty.

    I tried to create a named room and join it by name, the server returned: "Game does not exist", return code = 32758

    EDIT 2:
    I tried to join lobby from the Asteroid game (from tutorials) and sometimes my room was shown up in the list and I even succeeded to join the room from Asteroid but still couldn't join from my project.

    I also tried to update PUN 2 from the asset-store but it didn't help. Furthermore, the room ceased to appear in the Asteroid game lobby.
  • Hi @develax,

    Clients need to be connected to the same Photon Cloud region (same servers) and same Virtual Application (AppId, AppVersion).
    Read our "Matchmaking Checklist" carefully.
  • develax
    edited June 2019
    Hi @JohnTube

    Thank you for help! I changed the region filter (limited it to 1 region only) and now it works no matter from which folder the app is run. I think Photon Realtime was choosing different regions for some reason.