How to access web API, such as checking region status?

I'm making a status checker BOT for alerts and such when my Photon region goes offline --
Where can I find web API information (not in Unity, but like POST or GET HTTP calls)? Specifically, I'm trying to find a way to check the region status. Returning the ping would also be beneficial, if that's an option.

Bonus points if you guys have a POSTman template.

EDIT: If no API at all exists to check server status, what would you suggest as a ghetto alternative?


  • Hi @xblade724,

    We do not provide such API for the public cloud.
    You could try to make your own based on client(s) (polling), status web page and Twitter.
  • xblade724xblade724
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    Ah, that's a shame. Basic region status would be great for the future, as feedback since status pages (such as Twitter) aren't updated in realtime. I often see smaller outages not announced at all (but long enough to kill off all the servers). Something official would rock, although I can probably figure out something ghetto in the meantime.

    Most companies also provide email alerts on outages - are notifications / APIs for status updates planned?

    Do the main regions accept pings? Also, what happened to this site?
  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
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    It's moved, new link:
    will check why redirect did not work as it should be there
    sorry for the inconvenience.

    Photon servers do not accept normal ICMP based ping.
    You need to use Photon client's custom UDP based ping which is used to find the Best Region or example.
  • Thanks for your help - I'll try to figure something out. I hope you consider future status-awareness features (email notifications / super basic API) in the future :)
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