PluginManager initialization failed

Dear Photon Community,

I am getting Plugin errors when creating a room, using default "WebHooksPlugin1.2".

Here is the Game server log:
2019-06-27 13:22:10,506 [9] ERROR Photon.Hive.HiveHostGame - Game Room 7571 is created with ErrorPlugin. message:PluginManager initialization failed. 2019-06-27 13:22:10,538 [9] WARN Photon.Hive.HiveHostGame - Game 'Room 7571' userId 'b01d3527-9708-4376-8924-0466a4303dc3' failed to create game. msg:Plugin Mismatch requested='WebHooksPlugin1.2' got ErrorPlugin with message:'PluginManager initialization failed.' -- peer:GameClientPeer: PID 1, IsConnected: True, IsDisposed: False, Last Activity: Operation 227 at UTC 6/27/2019 8:22:10 PM in Room , IP,

My server version is v4.0.29.11263.

Could this be a pathing issue?


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