Why can't I see any other rooms that were created - after OS Hardening


Prior to OS Hardening, I could see other rooms that were created in the Lobby.
However after OS Hardening I could no longer see the other rooms in the Lobby.

May I know what policies/rights have to be enabled to be able to see other rooms in the Lobby?
(Unfortunately I'm unable to share the details of the OS hardening, but please do try to advise)

Best Answer


  • Hi @JohnTube ,

    OMG. I feel so dumb... It was due to a bug in my UI implementation. :|
    Apologies for the unnecessary trouble. :D

    Anyway wrt to:
    "Are you connecting to Photon Cloud or to a self-hosted Photon Server?"
    - I'm connecting to a self-hosted Photon Server

    "What PUN version are you using?"
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