can create multiple difference connect in an application with photonnetwork?

Hi guys,

I have a problem, I want to create an application which will run in server and to do:
- Make lots of threads, each thread will connect to the game server as a player.
- Each player creates a room. obviously, become a master client.
- I want each player can InstantiateSceneObject in each room. In a while, PhotonNetwork is a static class, so. How I
make connections and create object scenes in each room.



  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
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    Hi @NDT,

    Use Photon Realtime, it's available in PUN2.
    PUN2 is made on top of it.
    The LoadBalancingClient class is what you need.
    But then you will not have PUN features available like PhotonView and scene objects instantiation etc.
    You will have to implement your own or custom logic for this.
    PUN uses RaiseEvent under the hood.
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    yeah, I see. Thank for your suggestion.
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