"PhotonView has no method" - Lies!

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Hey everyone,

I've been searching for insights on this problem for a while with no luck - hopefully you guys are exactly the help I need.

I'm just trying to get an RPC to fire off, and it's claiming it can't find the function: "PhotonView with ID 2 has no method "TryInitializeMatch" marked with the [PunRPC](C#) or @PunRPC(JS) property! Args: String"
        private void Start()
            Photon.Pun.PhotonView networkView = Photon.Pun.PhotonView.Get(this);
            networkView.RPC(RPC_TryInitializeMatch, Photon.Pun.RpcTarget.MasterClient, "unused");

        public const string RPC_TryInitializeMatch = "TryInitializeMatch";
        private static void TryInitializeMatch(string unused)
                // Code is here
There are no other references to RPC_TryInitializeMatch or even "TryInitializeMatch", so no other script or method is trying to call the RPC.

Am I missing something obvious? Is there any known issues around RPC's right now? Any help is appreciated.

PS, if you're wondering why I added the string, it's to help with debugging the issue (see this).


  • You can't call a static function as an RPC. Guess I'm an idiot. :)