Which demo/tutorial should be used to learn Photon Realtime?

Quick Start refers photon-unity3d-sdk_v4-1-2-14.zip which is pretty old. At the same time in the "PUN 2" assets there is a demo "PhotonRealtime" which uses different approach to work with server and callbacs. So, are they both relevant and which one is better to start with?


  • JohnTube
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    Hi @develax, is not pretty old :) it's the opposite, it should be a bit behind Photon Realtime from PUN2.
    The quickstart guide and pretty much the whole Photon Realtime documentation is.

    So I would use the Photon Realtime from PUN2 as it's always up-to-date and most recent.
    Other C# SDKs will just follow it later on.

    Photon Realtime C# SDKs versioning follows the same C# library version (Photon3Unity3d.dll or Photon3DotNet.dll).

    So, are they both relevant and which one is better to start with?
    We recommend the new approach based on callbacks. The ".Net Callbacks" page will have a version on Photon Realtime soon, but you can start with that one right now. We'll also try to update or add more documentation for the new Photon Realtime soon. Since fewer people use Photon Realtime compared to PUN we did not focus on this too much.

    Other than the callbacks, the new Photon Realtime has few more things added like:

    - ConnectionHandler especially useful for Unity
    - Best Region feature which was moved from PUN layer to Photon Realtime layer
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    Hi @JohnTube, thanks!
    You said that fewer people use Realtime compared to PUN, does it mean that PUN is more suitable for most games? In particular, I am interested in a game where flying shells are visible as well as the effect of their explosion, yet their speed is pretty high. It wouldn't be great if it looked differently for different users. I wasn't sure that I could do it properly with PUN, so I chose Realtime (it seemed to sound more promising for my case), am I right in my decision? Or let's put the question another way: can I reach Realtime functionality from PUN when necessary?
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    can I reach Realtime functionality from PUN when necessary?
    Yes. PUN2 is built on top of Photon Realtime. You can use Photon Realtime from withing PUN without the extra PUN features. You can use Photon Realtime features directly via PhotonNetwork.NetworkingClient or via their respective "static" methods from PhotonNetwork (shortcuts that add PUN state + offline mode if used, usually naming is a hint, it removes the "Op" prefix).
    What is the difference between Photon Realtime and PUN?