Now unit3.5 can build flash release,does the Photon support?

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Now unit3.5 can build flash release,does the Photon can use for it? If not, when can support it?


  • We can't support it yet. Communication between exported C# and AS3 is not yet solved completely.
    We're on it and you will find a blog post when it's out or closing in.
  • Hi... afaik unity4 has sockets support for flash build target, will this help?
  • If unity fixes the cross compilation problems they have at the time, then yes :)

    Just design your app with the fact in mind that you will only run on TCP, not UDP -> no unreliable, no unordered. its always enforced ordered and reliable

    thats a flash limitation
  • We will support Flash export of Unity as soon as possible. We will see if we can use their sockets or use a Flash "bridge" but that will be hidden for you anyways.
    Aside from being aware of the difference of UDP and TCP, Photon also will cover the differences for you. The same client API runs with UDP and TCP.
  • One thing to keep in mind: There is no Unity 3.5 flash target.
    Thats flash preview.

    if you want to target flash you must upgrade to Unity 4 and buy the addon, the preview one on Unity 3.5 is extremely outdated (no support for the current flash versions as well as a ton of bug fixes and enhancements)
  • Reliase Unity3d 4 ! Flash support.. Wait for photon-flash )
  • Hehe. Not yet.
    We finish up some other work first, then we will return to Unity-Flash.
  • HI, just checking if there is any new info on this. Unity 4 + Photon --> Flash Build would be really great!
  • Yeah, we're very interested in flash+photon support as well! We've already build a game and would like to launch flash version first. Guys, any news? Could you at least give us an expected timeframe? Because if things are not going to happen soon, we will need to reconsider our decision with Photon usage :(
  • At the moment, we don't have a release date for Flash-export support. It's especially tricky to adjust the lib to the fewer types of AS3 and this takes too much time to finish currently.

    I'm sorry for the bad news.