Wondering if Bolt is right for our project


We are developing a mobile game in which 2-5 players will join together for a session. For a given session, the players will be connecting to the Internet in a variety of ways - some on Wi-Fi networks, some using cell data (4G/LTE). Our desire is to use peer-to-peer connections where possible, because we want to transfer data between the players without incurring the bandwidth cost of a trip to/from a server, and low latency. Is Photon Bolt the correct product for this? If not, what would you suggest?


  • It may work but a direct connections may be made at a lower rate for mobile.
    I'm not sure what you mean by bandwidth cost, if players are on WiFi then they aren't using up a data plan.
  • The idea is that players can be either on WiFi or on a data plan. I understand if the product isn't right for us. Thank you.
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