Photon Voice, WebGL, Multi-threaded Web Assembly and Unity 2019.1

I understand that there is no support for Photon Voice on Unity WebGL. I understood that this is due to the multithreading support necessary for Photon Voice. Now WebAssembly supports multithreading. As I read from Unity 2019 release notes, they are providing experimental multithreaded webAssembly.

Is it possible to have Photon Voice on WebGL now? I understand that this can not be in released product form. But any results from experiments would be highly appreciated.


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    Hi @Ishwar,

    This is a combination of two previous forum posts: this and this.

    There are other things to consider:

    1. WebGL supports WebSocketSecure protocol only. Photon Voice works better using UDP.
    2. Unity's Microphone is not supported on WebGL.
    3. We need an opus library that works with WebGL.

    If you think your project and your use case are interesting and you want this to happen you can send us an email to [email protected] to discuss more details and see if we can find a custom deal.
  • Thanks. I wrote to the developer mail ID with my use case details. I also wrote about other use cases which I might work on in future.