PUN Voice DemoMagicLeap Scene feature request

edited June 2019 in Photon Voice

This is intended for whomever has authored the Magic Leap integration SDK (beta) Scene but perhaps anyone that knows Voice SDK and Unity can answer:

We have implemented the DemoMagicLeap Scene and it works well. We have included other GameObjects in the shared experience. However, making the controller shared has proven difficult: the controller visualizer will not share like the VoiceAvatar does (the head with speaker attached). I think it is because the controller is a special type and/or the controller connection handler scripts basically override the PUN visualizer scripts.

The goal is to have everyone in the shared room see each other's controllers the same way they see the VoiceAvatar (with a laser pointer activated from the controller, which we do now). Presently, we are sharing a laser projected from the player's VoiceAvatar's head. The controller will not share across the scene properly.

To whomever authored the demo scene: can you please consider extending to demonstrate how to share the controller specifically, or provide a hint on how to achieve that?

Can you confirm my suspicion is does not work because it is a special type? And instead we have to write a custom script to get the controller transform/position only and pass that to a GameObject prefab that looks like a controller, is that right?

Thanks very much in advance for the advice.