EMERGENCY! Publisher looking at my game RIGHT NOW and it's exhibiting the same problem!

So, I have been experiencing a point in development of two separate games that the editor just suddenly stops connecting to a build:

But builds, to this point, have always connected with eachother.

Unfortunately, I was relying on that when I sent a build to a publisher Friday, who is ACTIVELY PURSUING FUNDING MY GAME.

This is a disaster. They were able to connect and see eachother's rooms on Friday, but suddenly, no changes to their devices, wifi, or behavior, they are unable to connect today. It's the same issue as in my editor: they connect to photon, search for room (they are waiting for someone to create a room before hitting join random) and it doesn't find any other rooms.

I need help ASAP - is something going wrong right now? Nothing is changed in my serversettings, region whitelist, ANYTHING! These are working builds that suddenly stop connecting!


  • Hi @steamcore,

    I have answered on the other discussion (here) now with what I think is the root cause of the issue (clients connecting to different regions).
    I hope this does not affect the publisher's decision.
    Good luck.
  • My joinRoom funcs does not work too!
    used to work yesterday!
    Our model is Real time invites for room (with GameSparks messages) where the Inviter sends the room name, if the invitee accepts it, the sender is creating a room, and the invitee is waiting 2 seconds and joins the same room name.

    This used to work yesterday, IT DOES NOT WORK NOW.
    Please please, notify me when this gets fixed, this is a serious considiration for using photon in the first place

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi @Pexon,

    I have answered here.
    It's the same answer as the post above.
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