Random Map and Map Rotation

Hey guys,
I'm currently working on a Quick Play Matchmaking System (Inspired by Overwatch) and so far the Players can join a room, or when no room is aviable, Photon will automatically create a room.

1. At this point, I wonder how it is possible for the automatically created room to choose a random map.

2. I also want to create a random map rotation, so when a randomly selected map is over, the next randomly selected map should start.

I don't expect any scripts written by you guys!
just a few tips and approaches would be very helpful.
Thanks for your attention. :)


  • Hi, @Pummel

    you may do this either through the plugin, then you need either a self-hosted solution or enterprise cloud, or you may do it from clients side. Player who creates game will also set in properties what map to use

  • Hey, @chvetsov
    this is a piece of my Network Manager Script.
    I hope I did it right, at least there were no errors and the connections are working.

    So it is possible for Photon to choose a random map when creating a room for a player??
    To make it clear: I don't want the player to choose the map, this should be done randomly by Photon.

    By the way, thanks for the help, I think you can tell that I just started to work with Photon.

  • Hi, @Pummel

    We do not support anything like map selection. This all should be implemented by developers according to their ideas.
    If you like the selection to work on a server, you should either update logic of master server, or write plugin for GameServer. That all what you can do

  • Thank you @chvetsov
    That's all I need to hear! :p

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