Don't destroy local player when disconnecting


I follow the tuto about the manual Instantiation, and it works well.

In the detail, I made this:
The localplayer exist in the main scene in an offline mode (PhotonNetwork.offlineMode = true;)
After connection, i spawn a remote player with a raiseevent and send PhotonID

But when the player disconnect, the local player is destroy. So no more camera, interaction. How to avoid this?

I try several things but don't find the right solution. So I take all tips or solution.

By the way, I use manual instantiation to avoid destroying of local player between offlinemode and connect mode.
Thanks advance


  • Hello,

    I'm sad that no-one have an idea to solved my issue.
    When i use the command "PhotonNetwork.LeaveRoom", the player isn't destroy but like there is an auto-connection to a room when i recieved "ConnectToMaster" callback, it's not a real solution and I'm not sure that enought to stop RPC and so on.

    There isn't a manual disconnection solution instead disconnect function.
    Thanks advance
  • Hello,
    No-one have an idea to solve this issue.

    Maybe there is no real solution, but what do you do when user disconnect from room?
    Do you respawn a new player gameobject and redo all scripts init? Are you closing the game? ...
    Any idea is welcome because I run out of idea.
    Thanks in advance
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