leaving an object behind

Hi guys,

Is there a way to leave an object in the room (not to be destroyed) when player left the room?

I tried transferring the object's photonView ownership to -1 (scene), which it worked, but when the player left the room it is still being destroyed



  • I just signed up PUN yesterday so I'm new here, thanks in advance.

    There are a couple of scenario where I need to find a solution that's why I asked the question above :

    1. for a 4 player room : A joined the room, and is MasterClient, B joined the room, and after a period of time, no other player joined, so A as the MasterClient created two AI player C and D. Now A suddenly dropped off in the middle of the game due to broken internet connection (or simply left room) etc so I need to avoid C & D being removed since B is still in the room.

    2. same as above, and if A was shooting some monsters and placed some land mines, the bullets in air and land mines need to stay even if A got disconnected or left room

    Thanks again
  • Ok i think i found the solution : InstantiateSceneObject , which can only be called from MasterClient , so bullets and landmines which needs to be staying in scene need to be created by MasterClient as well
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