Client issues over internet or lan

When I test my multiplayer game (unity+bolt) at the same machine simulating a different computer(editor and build) it works very well, the states and events are replicated excellent, when i connect from a real computer from internet so things go wrong, for example, when i press W to walk player stars walking when i leave the W key player stops walking but the animation doesn't change and i can' t do any other action, it looks like a heavy lag, is there a way to monitor network traffic in bolt, it' s very strange because at the same machine the game works perfectly, another example is when i press othe button to cat a spell (instantiating a boltprefab), some times the spell is cast some times not, sometimes it works and sometimes not, is there any configuration to be done in windows firewall? looks like a network problem considering it works at the same machine.


  • It may be an issue just do to how your game behaves with latency. You can turn on latency simulation in Bolt Settings. Try one of the samples as well, they will behave well even with latency.
  • After some tests, it looks like there's something to do with the build when i create a 64bit build in a certain machine it missbehaves, after some tests I received an antivirus message and the problem stopped, when i created a x86 build and ran in another machine i had no problems, now everything is working fine but I'm not sure what the problem is.
  • the bug happens when i configure the build for very low or low swttings from medium on it works well, so it' s probably a unity bug and has nothing to do with bolt, thank you guys
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