How to run flash examples with Photon?

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Hi, i have problems with flash examples, i have downloaded:

And that's what I get:
For Scribble demo:

For chat demo, I got same problem:
PhotonChat created
connecting to, Lite
got Photon Response: initialize!

Only traces about initialization and nothing happens, no log in or chat window, just gray screen with "loading" title.

So, what I'm doing wrong? Do I need some extra steps for running demo examples?


  • This looks good so far.
    Maybe it's a firewall setting of your machine, not allowing Photon to listen to these ports.
    Please let us know if that's possible.
  • ports.png

    No firewall/antivirus or any other programs. , line 287: 
    private function onPhotonResponse(event:Event) : void {
    				case InitializeConnectionResponse.TYPE:
    					debug("got Photon Response: initialize!");

    so, here flash stops, no "JoinResponse" comes from server.
  • This is kind of stupid of me: The RC8 includes a fix of the TPC/Flash protocol. We kept the fitting Flash SDK back until this server SDK was out. Then I forgot to put the Flash SDK live.

    Sorry about the confusion.
    I uploaded RC4 of the Flash SDK now. It's also containing a Loadbalancing API (compatible with the Photon Cloud).
    Please download Photon-Flash-v3-0-0-2-RC4_SDK from

    I uploaded RC4 o the SDK. This includes a new LoadBalancing API (with source). Here you can see how new (custom) operations are done in Flash.
    Open folder: demos\demo_03_loadBalanced_chat\classes\de\exitgames\photon_as3\loadBalancing extends PhotonCore to add features like properties. extends LoadBalancedPhoton (and thus PhotonCore). This adds new operations and uses SendOperation().
  • Thank you so much!