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as i said in a previous topic, i used roomcustomProperties to persist who's turn for my turned based game, with playfab. It works fine, now i would like to save the datas of players in room (the color of their gameobject, their position).

To detail the game, the actions are just: 1)moving in the room, 2)changing color of the GO and 3)validate my turn (which validate color and positions. At this point, color and pos need to be saved). The game doesn't make sense but this is just for my test...

How do I save those data ?

I wanted first to add an array of the data's players in the RoomCustomProperties.
Then i though it would be easier to set it in PlayerCustomProperties for each player.
BUT I have read that PlayerCustomProperties is used to persist datas between rooms. For my case, i want playercustomproperties to be unique for each room.

If I can use PlayerCustomProperties, is it supposed to trigger the webhook of customPropertiesChanged ? If so, where in the state is it saved ? In the same key as for RoomCustomProperties ?

Thank you for your time.


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