Can't Reconnect when Disconnected via ServerTimeout

PUN 2.10, Photon Cloud, Region us

I'm trying to silently reconnect users when they are disconnected, whether in a lobby, or in a room.

In my current test, I have a Host device, and a Guest device.. The Host creates and joins the room. The guest joins the room.
I pause the guest's unity editor until the guest drops from the Host's room, then I unpause the unity editor.

No matter what I call from the guest machine, ConnectUsingSettings(), Reconnect, or RecconnectAndJoin(),, or RejoinRoom, nothing is working.

The sequence of events after I unpause is as follows:
OnDisconnect is fired with ServerTimeout (Disconnected GameServer)
OnLeaveRoom then fires (Disconnected GameServer)
Then my Network Objects are destroyed (2 players), one after the other

Generally, when I call something, it will immediately fire OnDisconnected with cause of None
Then I usually get the following error: Operation Authenticate (230) not called because client is not connected or not ready yet, client state: Disconnected

Is there a chart that can tell me what to call based on what state and disconnect cause?
Seems like this shouldn't be this difficult, or a reconnect recovery tool (small class should already be available for this, which is what I'm trying to write).

Thanks in advance.


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