Not finding all open rooms [Solved]


my problem is the following: Upon connection to Photon Cloud, my client immedeately starts to look for an open room (PhotonNetwork.openRoomList (you know what I mean, Im not actually at my computer right now -> pseudo code). If the list of rooms is empty he starts his own room. The next client that connects to Photon is supposed to find that room and join.

However, about 50% of the time the second client doesnt find the room that was created by the first client. What could be the reason for this? Im using the PhotonNetwork.openRoomList (again, pseudo code!). Maybe the problem is that the list is not updated? I mean its a local copy of the real servers list, correct? How often are local variables in the PhotonNetwork like playerCount, etc etc updated?


  • Nvm. I think this was probably caused by requesting the rooms too fast, so the list of rooms wasn't up to date.

    Seems to be fixed.