State Buffer - Interpolation/Extrapolation, Smoothing

I just tried to use a State Buffer to get a better Synchronization.
As references i used
and some other old Forum posts.

The Technique works good so far but i got some kind of jitter. After Implementing Extrapolation, i figured out it switch between Interpolation and Extrapolation quite often.Even if it does not, there is no smooth Movement.

My code:

I would be very Interested in some Optimization, hints, tips..


  • Are you using an initial delay to fill the buffer somewhat?

    I (personally) have no experience yet with state buffers. Maybe you can keep us posted on what you find out and then others will join the discussion...
  • S_OliverS_Oliver ✭✭
    edited April 27
    Now its working. Set SendRate and SerializeRate to 20 and it should work ok.

    There is still a lot of improvement, will post again if made some .
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