Hey everyone i'm looking for an old version of pun 2 free ( pun 2.3 )

like the title may suggest i'm looking for an old version of this asset


  • Hi,

    What is or is not in 2.3 that you can't get in the latest version? If you could explain the reasons why you can't use the latest version, it would help assessing what's wrong with the current version and fix it instead of going backward


  • hi, i don't know exactly what is messed up but i can confirm that in my project i was using an old version of photon for a multiplayer game , everything worked fine until i decided to update , i was using an old version of photon 2.3 or 2.4 from december so yeah it's been a while , i have no clue if photon have made core change or something like that
  • There are no major changes since 2.3, so I would wonder what's wrong.
    No way to go back? No versioning system?
  • sadly no , i try to ask here because unfortunately, the Asset Store does not offer revision histories. i'm trying contact the developers, you , instead.
  • Hi,

    ok, but what exactly is the problem you are facing? do you get errors in the console, if not, at what point in the process do you think things are not working as before?


  • there is no errors in the console , but my game is crashing when i try to apply damage to an enemy(it was working fine before , no crahs) , maybe if someone have the version 2.3 i can try it and see where's the problem .
  • Instead of avoiding the update, you should debug the situation.
    You can start by commenting out parts (or all) of the method that applies damage. Then add the parts back in, piece by piece.
    Of course, you should first look up the player log. Even on crash it may contain info.
  • I'll try i keep you updated !
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