Implementing photon to an existing game with playfab authentication

I have a game I am working on in unity, I have already gotten a lot of it to work how it needs to but I need to make it into an online multiplayer game. I have playfab set up for user authentication and was wondering if it would be possible to integrate photon to the existing game. If I do that will I have to recode the whole thing to work with photon properly? or do I just need to implement photon and then spawn players and use the existing code.

I have not used photon or any other services for a multiplayer game, so any help will be appreciated. Basically all I need to do is use playfab to authenticate a user and then create game rooms with photon and have players invite their friends and be able to start a game. Would this be possible with these two services, if anyone has any guides on how to implement the two together then please let me know. Or if you recommend another service to use with photon like gamespark or firebase then please let me know as well.

Thank you so much.


  • Hi @JJ10,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What you are asking for is possible yes.
    But I'm curious, what did you code already using PlayFab only? login, profile and friends management? CloudScript code?

    Read "PlayFab Integration".
  • Thank you for the reply @JohnTube
    So far the login and the profile are set up. Do you recommend that I start integrating photon before finishing anything else? Would that be easier to do instead of finishing up with playfab first.
  • Hi @JJ10,

    You can add Photon whenever you want.
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