Photon Standalone Server & Oculus


Using Unity to build VR app using Oculus asset. Have the Photon standalone server on the backend, not the cloud. I am able, however, able to switch back and forth between the cloud and the standalone. When connecting to the cloud, everything works fine. When I attempt to connect to the standalone server, I throw exceptions all over the place in the OVR scripts.

So, general question: is there some type of download I need for the stand alone server? I have only downloaded the Photon SDK, so do I need to download an Oculus SDK? Is Oculus somehow supported in the cloud but not on the stand alone server? I know, maybe stupid questions. New to this and just trying to feel my way through. I can't find any documentation for using Oculus with the Photon OnPremise server.


  • Hi, @ar3k_g

    We do not have anything special for oculus. and cloud does not have anything special in comparison with the standalone version.

    In order to try to understand what is going on, we need log messages or something related to photon

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