[SOLVED] Player prefabs only spawning on MasterClient

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Hi, I have been trying to spawn players at designated spots and activate the camera only if they are the owner of the prefab. But the player prefabs are only spawning on the MasterClient and I am not too sure why. The debug message within the if statements are returned so I am pretty sure it has nothing to do Actor Number being wrong. What went wrong?
using Photon.Pun;
I am also getting this warning.
Received OnSerialization for view ID 1001. We have no such PhotonView! Ignored this if you're leaving a room. State: Joined


  • So uh, I fixed the problem. There is no bug in the code. It works. I solved it by copying all the game objects from the multiplayerStage scene then paste it in a new scene and it worked because why...? I guess I will never know.
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