OnDisconnected() not called after adding photon voice

Hello, Just as in the title, I added Photon Voice in my project and since, The OnDisconnected() function is not called anymore...

Do you what causes this ? or in what function should I call my stuff instead of OnDisconnected()

PS: It was ,indeed, working BEFORE adding PhotonVoice

Thank you for your answers :smile:


  • It may be an incomplete "merge" of things. PhotonVoice also contains PUN and Unity's importer has a hard time to update and or merge the necessary files, if there are some in the project and in a different package.

    If you use Voice 2, you should be able to remove the Photon folder completely and copy and paste the files from another project. Create a new, empty project to import Voice cleanly and copy over.
  • Backup first ;)
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