Photon Counters (Counter Publisher) to AWS CloudWatch

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Hello Exit Games!

We have been using your Photon Server SDK for our online game server project.
We decide to use the Photon Counter in order to get more detailed data for our AWS Cloud Watch and I found that you can publish the Counter data to CloudWatch directly.
I have been reading your Photon Counter documentation in
over and over but I can't seem to able to follow the instruction on how to do the setting for CounterPublisher.dll.config to send the data over to CloudWatch automatically.
I'm not an avid programmer myself so I decide to ask some help in this forum,
Is there any more documentation about how to use the Counter Publisher for AWS CloudWatch because It really not much on the internet?

Thank you very much.


  • hi, @sryan

    this part of code we did not update quite long and do not want to keep in actual state. I may provide you source code for this plugin. It will work with our code but there is no guarantee that it will work with current AWA

    so, if you still want it, write us an e-mail with the request to [email protected]

  • Hi Ilya,

    Thanks for the reply! Actually I managed to do the proper setting for the CounterPublisher config.
    So basically you'll need to put AWS AccessKey and SecretKey into the config file and change the {#REGION#} in the ServiceUrl into your AWS region.
    I kinda misunderstood how to read the "..." and the {#xxx#} part, but overall the setting is pretty simple.

    Thank again for the reply,

  • what are surprise :)


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