Photon server vs BOLT

we are making a game which has rooms, and users can connect to a specific room, we choose photon PUN as network model, but we found out that the ping between us and photon cloud server is 108 MS.

so we decided to create our local server on our machine, we found out that we can use photon server or bolt to create a local server, the question here is what's the difference between them and what's the best to use?

thanks in advance.


  • From my understanding, they are different architectures. Bolt has a server (a game owner) that communicates with all of the players. If the host/server quits de game, a new one has to be promoted. The clients are never connected to each other, they are only connected to the server.

    PUN on the other hand doesn't have a game server. Client are connected to all other clients directly. So the Round Trip Time in between clients is smaller because you don't have to do client->server->client. The downside is that you lose the fully-authoritative server that Bolt has.

    A real photon expert should be able to give you a more detailed explanation.
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