Max people supported in SQL Lobby?

Guys we are not able to match people in SQL Lobby containing more than 1000 people.
We are checking for 3-4 string properties.


  • hi, @para_nautilus

    It is extremely difficult to help with your questions. You do not provide details.

    does everything work if you have fewer people?
    what request to you send to make matchmaking?

    what properties did you use?
    As I understand you have a local server. Did you check logs for errors/exceptions?

    could you add more logging SqlGameList.TryGetRandomGame to see why your players were rejected?

  • edited April 10
    Sorry about that, But i was just wondering if there is limit as such. Was not looking for specific issue resolution. Just a information , looks like its not a yes or no question as i though.We have turned off all logs for performance testing.
  • hi, @para_nautilus

    we do not have any limits. Maybe there are some limitations for sql lib we use, but I do not think so
    it would be very interesting to get details of your research

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