Performance Loss without reaching Hardware/Bandwidth Limits.

Hi we are load testing a load balancing with multiple VMs creating thousands of rooms, and which send 4 events every second. The master and game server are in one VM. After 10000 users or so, all events start delaying and we are also loosing some events. While all this happening CPU usage is not utilized more than 30% and Bandwidth not more than 20%. Loadbalacing configuration is default. Could you help us figure out how to fix the issue to push maximum games on one VM till it reaches hardware limits?


  • Update: We figured out plugin host was the bottle neck.Please let us know if there is better way to optimize plugin without having to wait till tens of thousands of test clients connect to it.
  • hi, @para_nautilus

    In order to give you some pieces of advice, I need to know what kind of bottleneck you have discovered.

  • It turned out to be pluginHost.DebugLog("XOXOXO"); slowing things down.

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