Using PUN unity with on-Premise server?


Should I be able to use PUN in my unity client to connect to the MMO Server on-premise project included with Photon? I'm not sure what client is supposed to be used with which server? When I try to connect to my own on-premise photon server from a PUN client I get:

"OperationResponse 230: ReturnCode: 52 (OperationNotSupported: 230). Parameters: {} Server: MasterServer"
Authentication failed: 'OperationNotSupported: 230' Code: 52

But of course it does work when I use the MMO unity client that comes with the SDK.

(FYI you guys are great with answering questions here..thank you)

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  • ..also...if I CANNOT use PUN to connect to an on-premise server, can I develop my game using PUN then port it to be able to connect to on-Premise server? I'm guessing I have to use Realtime or something? I'm developing an MMO but I wish to get up and running quickly using PUN since it is so easy, then would like to convert to MMO.

    I'm not quite sure what the best route is to take since my game is already started in PUN
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    Hi @caesarhernandez,

    PUN can only be used with "LoadBalancing (MyCloud)" server application.
    MMO is discontinued, it will be removed from the next Server SDK.
    To connect to MMO sample provided in the current Server SDK, use the clients provided in the Server SDK (WinForms or Unity). Of course, you can also make your own client or extend both client and server code.
    You can try to find help on the forum but we don't offer support for MMO anymore.
    Follow the documentation for more details.
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