Actor Properties in Flash

I have a question about the Actor Properties.
When I join a room From Lobby in LiteLobby, I pass the ActorProperties as a parameter as follows:
		public function JoinRoomFromLobby(roomName:String):void
			var params:Object= new Object();
			params[CoreKeys.LOBBY_ID] = mDefaultLobby;
			params[CoreKeys.GAME_ID] = roomName;	
			params[CoreKeys.ACTOR_PROPERTIES] = myActorProperties;

			// nuestra infiormación, para informar a los demás clientes

Then when I get the JoinResponse, I can see me back the data of the actors who were already inside the room. I JoinResponse extended to capture this data as follows:
public class CustomJoinResponse extends BasicResponse
		public static const TYPE:String = "onCustomJoinResponse";//JoinResponse.TYPE;
		public var mPlayerProps:Array;
		public  function getPlayerProperties() : Array {return mPlayerProps}
		private function setPlayerProperties( v : Array ) : void { mPlayerProps = v; }
		public var mActorNum:int;
		public  function getPlayerNum():int {return mActorNum}
		private function setPlayerNum(v:int):void{mActorNum = v;}		

		public function CustomJoinResponse(type:String, bubbles:Boolean = false, cancelable:Boolean = false) {
			super(type, bubbles, cancelable);
		public static function create (responseCode:int,returnCode:int, params:Object, debugMessage:String) : CustomJoinResponse 
			var ev:CustomJoinResponse = new CustomJoinResponse(TYPE); 
			ev.setBasicValues(responseCode,returnCode, params, debugMessage);

			if(params[CoreKeys.ACTOR_PROPERTIES] != null)
			if(params[CoreKeys.ACTOR_NO] != null)
			return ev;

The problem is that I can only get properties from actors that joined the room before me.
How I can do to uptade the properties, if a new player joins the room?

When in "client side" i get 'JoinEvent' from photon , to update the Actors ... It only returns an Array with ActorNums ... but not ActorProperties ... and I didn't seen anything that can help me... or maybe i'm wrong...

Does anyone know how to do this?

What I need is to keep the information of Actors (Nick, Score, etc ...) in a "DataGrid" (I'm using Flex) and I think I the only way is by the ActorProperties ....

Do I have to implement somethingin LiteLobby (Server side) for it?


  • By default, the actorProperties are not copied into the join event.
    Enable this by adding the "broadcast" parameter to the join operation:

    params[CoreKeys.BROADCAST] = true;