Unity PUN can't connect unless application is restarted

Hi guys,

I can connect ONCE to my self-hosted server running the "Load Balancing (MyCloud) demo server application from a unity PUN app. Then when I stop the unity client, and restart it, it will not connect again until I restart the server application.

The Unity Debug console shows the following when it won't connect:

Resending: CMD(2 c#:255 r/u: 1/0 st/r#/rt:16/1/10016). times out after: 220 sent: 16 now: 312 rtt/var: 200/5 last recv: 357

Resending: CMD(2 c#:255 r/u: 1/0 st/r#/rt:312/2/10016). times out after: 220 sent: 312 now: 558 rtt/var: 200/5 last recv: 603

... does this about 5 more times ending with:

Resending: CMD(2 c#:255 r/u: 1/0 st/r#/rt:3955/7/10016). times out after: 3520 sent: 3955 now: 7538 rtt/var: 200/5 last recv: 7583


After I restart the server and wait a bit to reconnect, I finally get a "connected to master" debug message and the PhotonNetwork.NetworkStatisticsToString() update in realtime on the screen as I have it configured.


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