Could not connect after disconnection with latest SDK (v4-1-12-2)

I updated my game(iOS) to latest SDK from version 4.0.x.x, everything works well except for manual reconnection after a disconnection is detected. I make sure the client only initiates the reconnection after it has received disconnectReturn callback, but the client still complains the peer is already connected.

debugReturn : 2019-03-24 21:21:42,738771 ERROR PeerBase.cpp connect() 138 failed: Peer is already connected!

Can someone helps?


  • Problem solved.

    It's in fact there was a bug in previous SDK that sometimes the client could not receive disconnection callback, I had to implement a workaround code on it that time. The new SDK fixed the bug and my old workaround code breaks the logic with new SDK proper behaviour, removing the workaround code fixed the issue.