Photon Voice Taking Long Time to Connect on Mac Standalone

Hello, I am running into an issue with my Mac Standalone builds. Every time that Photon Voice seems to be setting the Microphone up my game freezes for 15-20 seconds. I have included the GUI script from the Test Voice Scene on my build and every time I switch the mic I am encountering this delay.

Another large issue I am facing is that it does not seem to transmit correctly on external microphones attached to headphones. This requires a switch in microphone for my end users and is very unfortunate for them due to the delay.

Could you please advise me on how to proceed with development on Mac Os Standalone? Of my understanding all my end users are on the latest Mojave operating system. I am not encountering this issue in the Mac Editor, Windows Editor, or Windows Standalone Builds. I am using Unity 2018.2.10.



  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited April 2019
    Hi @dwalch,

    Sorry for the delay.
    What Photon Voice version are you using?

    If it's not the latest Photon Voice 2 please migrate or update to that version.
    • I understand this happens with Photon MicrophoneType only? or with Unity MicrophoneType also?
    • Did you make sure to give the proper permissions required for this work?
    • Did this issue start to happen after updating macOS to Mojave?
    • Did this issue start to happen after switching the Unity version to Unity 2018.2.10?
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