Error in Documentation


Im following the tutorial and there is an error with the Name InputField

Cant see PlayerNameInputField.SetPlayerName

The Script save my name but failed to load it next play time


9. Drag the PlayerNamerInputField component into the field

I guess PlayerNamerInputField should be called PlayerNameInputField


  • Ok its work nvm
  • Script was in wrong gameobject and i put the script from project folder instead of component
  • Hi @Samuel_Brunner,

    Thank you for choosing Photon and for reporting this!

    I guess PlayerNamerInputField should be called PlayerNameInputField
    The correct name of the class/MonoBehaviour/Component/file is PlayerNameInputField and not PlayerNamerInputField

    I will fix the name in the documentation page.

    Cant see PlayerNameInputField.SetPlayerName
    Make sure to use the same name in the file as well.
    Instead of "SAm.cs" use "PlayerNameInputField.cs".
    What Unity version are you using?
  • edited March 2019
    im using 2018.3.8f

    Problem solved ( see 3nd post )

    Everything work fine atm
  • edited March 2019
    Thanks for the quick answer :smile:

    Here is another error on part 3 :

    It create gamemanager import settings, had to copy the code first to make it a standard script and then turn it as a prefab ( i had to create another gamemanager in a random folder just for showing the problem )
  • Hi @Samuel_Brunner,

    I did not understand the problem.
    Could you explain what is the issue here? expected behaviour versus actual behaviour?
    Could you point me to the exact repro steps from the doc page?
  • Hi @Samuel_Brunner,

    I wanted to let you know that the "PlayerNameInputField" naming issue has been fixed here.
    Thanks again for your contribution!
  • Hi, i'm using unigine now and try to add photon api to it
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