OnConnectedToMaster() not being called (Tutorial)

I went through the whole PUN Basics Tutorial with no issues, now I'm currently trying to get it all working in my main project.

Here's the relevant code:
public void JoinServer()
        Debug.Log("Trying to join server");
        isConnecting = true;
        // we check if we are connected or not, we join if we are , else we initiate the connection to the server.
        if (PhotonNetwork.IsConnected)
            // #Critical we need at this point to attempt joining a Random Room. If it fails, we'll get notified in OnJoinRandomFailed() and we'll create one.
            Debug.Log("Join random room");
            // #Critical, we must first and foremost connect to Photon Online Server.
            Debug.Log("Connect using settings");
            PhotonNetwork.GameVersion = gameVersion;

    public override void OnConnectedToMaster()
        Debug.Log("On Connected to master");
        //The first we try to do is to join a potential existing room.If there is, good, else, we'll be called back with OnJoinRandomFailed()
        if (isConnecting)
            Debug.Log("Join random room through master");
JoinServer is called from a button press event, and in the console I get "Trying to join server", "Join random room", then the list of pings, but no "On Connected to master". Are there any possible settings or something I need to change, or is there an extra step I've managed to miss somewhere along the way?


  • Bump because I still haven't figured out the issue, and I need to get it fixed soon.

    I thought it might have something to do with the App ID, but changing it and even creating a new app in the dashboard changed nothing.
  • Update: I managed to fix it by exporting the entire project as an asset package, then importing it into a fresh project. It must've been something about my project's settings that were preventing me from connecting. I was originally using Bolt, so maybe that did something.
  • Aconteceu comigo tbm, e eu não usei o BOLT....

    Até agora não sei como resolver...

    Ia fazer um projeto do zero tudo de novo, copiando e colando, foi assim que vc fez ?